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  • Medical engineering cases


    Modern hospital architecture is a carrier of the science and technology information, technical progress is the social development as an important symbol of people's living standard and life quality improve stability safety of high-speed network as the foundation of the hospital information management system is imperative, as the basis of the information superhighway the physical integrated wiring system is the primary consideration of hospital network construction of integrated wiring system to security, integrity, advanced practical economy Principle of reliability for the design, the choice of flexible star topology, each information channel through a simple jumper, flexible networking, fully embody the flexibility of the integrated wiring, extensibility hospital in the intelligent building integrated wiring system, besides some common characteristics, but also has some personality traits.

  • Education engineering case


    When the campus network information system has already developed into and the rules of interconnected international interconnection static dynamic information release remote teaching resource sharing and collaborative work stage, put forward the development of school education modernization construction is higher and higher requirements for the construction of the campus network is mainly based on the basis of the campus network of administrative interactive between teachers and students and teaching management system, gradually establish a school information management network, realize office automation; It provides a high speed and stable platform for the exploration of multimedia interactive three-dimensional teaching model of online distance teaching.

  • Venue engineering case


    As stadium complex, the intelligent information system meet the requirements of the professional sports venues for the future management and the business information platform to provide comprehensive multi-angle, achieved good social and economic benefits as information system platform, integrated wiring shall be the venue when large contests provide efficient uninterrupted stable transmission system, for the management of 'competition performance, efficient processing and news release system such as real-time reliability required to provide a good and stable platform, to ensure that the games successfully held the information point planning needs according to different venues Different function, arrange appropriate information point USES the fixed point combined with wireless network fiber interaction coverage to the desktop, as spare information point set number is to meet the needs of games and all kinds of competition, and can meet the needs of the shift do in the future he.

  • Bank engineering cases


    The financial industry, with the development of economy, the degree of dependence on information technology is more and more high, the financial industry network to provide clients with timely and accurate information for the financial sector, financial services network has a pivotal role Integrated wiring system operation network infrastructure, plays an important role in every field, depends on the nature of the different industry must have different characteristics, the particularity of the financial industry decides the integrated wiring system must have high efficiency and so on many characteristics of safety, to support the operations of financial informatization and operation mixed management in financial industry is the direction of the development, finally realizes the bank Securities, insurance and other business information Shared, unified information service platform, and this will require the relevant information system has higher performance LORAN integrated wiring with i

  • Residential project cases


    Intelligent residential high-tech application is based on broadband communication network, it is the use of integrated wiring technology to network communication in the family security related to living facilities such as the automatic control of audio and video technology integration, the schedule to build efficient residential facilities and family affairs management system, improve home security, convenience comfort artistry And realize environmental protection and energy saving living environment Intelligent residential cabling system as the basic part of the whole residential intelligent system, an excellent intelligent residential cabling system design directly affect the quality of residential intelligent system is running, so be smart home wiring system design is very important.

  • Commercial engineering cases


    Intelligent building structured cabling system by modern information communication not only laid the information highway, but also for the intelligent building management provides a centralized control channel information has become a key strategic resource In order to make the information accurately in various types of high-speed transfer between computer terminal telephone fax and communications equipment, there are quite a few developed countries in the world are the construction of information superhighway Or so in the new building of old building renovation projects urgently needs a kind of advanced cabling system to lay the information superhighway.

  • Government project cases


    Technological progress along with the social development, to improve the efficiency for development, a new generation of administrative management center is gradually replace the traditional government compound, quick and convenient for the people service is the main purpose to achieve this, the administrative office center computer broadband network television monitoring anti-theft fire alarm system and so on, needs strong perfect database system is one of the most basic condition in the traditional sense of the archives is a database, but the print of the storage access less disadvantages such as slow network distribution is very difficult for modern functions of government departments to provide quick service to store digital Access to the rapid development of network to solve the bottleneck of velocity distribution network to provide technical support and the development of these advantages will also need a powerful transmission medium system to provide support to build a high secu


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